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Women’s Abayas & Hijabs – Buy Online at Best Price in Pakistan

Fashion is not always to put on expensive clothes. It is a developing a style which never gets old and it is re-created again and again a prevailing style or custom. There is no exact rule to define fashion. However, fashion is a form of art to create something fascinating as it is before.

Where abaya and hujab concerns, both are sort of  covering which covers the whole body and head. If both are compared abaya refers to a simple, long robe, loose garment that covers the entire body of a women except face, hand or feet. It is usually put on  over clothes often with headscarf or veil or it can be worn with naqab whereas hijab refers to a traditional veil worn by females, which covers the head and chest completely. The basic purpose of wearing them is the observance of Islamic modesty standards in order to please Allah Almight or  traditionally, it is worn by women to maintain modesty and privacy from unrelated males.

In recent years there are many up-gradation made regarding abaya’s as material have been modify to include cotton knits, chiffon, linen, silk, georgette and others. Traditionally abaya is sipmle to look at first glance. In this contemporary era new trends are being introduced to look trendy. Enhancement to abaya is include design embellishments, beautiful embroideries as well as ornamental are rarely added along  neckline, sleeves, beads, ribbons, lace, crystals, coloured threads etc to luxuriant it.  Abayas can also be found in other colors such as dark blue, brown, green, and purple but black is still the conventional and most common base color.

There are various ways to wear a hijab based on your taste depending on how you want to carry yourself and what is the best style hijab as well. These types include many styles like simple hijab, Melli style, Qajari hijab, Bahraini, Lebanese, Danshjuii, Shawli Hijab, Emarati, Arabic style, etc. These all are the major variety of hijab which is worn around the globe by females. However, If you can carry the hijab in an efficient manner, then everyone has to regulate their level of comfort as to how they desire to cover which differ from individual to individual, type to type.

As both has become a fashion statement and If you wish to brighten up and modernize it the trick is to accessorize them properly. You can try out broaches and different techniques of tying head scarves that will supply you a stylish look.  Therefore, the local and global fashion platforms have created varied types that can be used according to the purpose they are worn for.