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Fashion is about rarely used as a synonym for the current prevailing style in an economy, as accepted by many people and how long this acceptance lasts for relatively short time or long time period. It does not necessary to exist fashion in all cultures.

While the term hat and cap are used for considering a head wear as it represents the authority and power because it covers the head e.g. protecting against weather, ceremonial occasion such as university graduation, military soldiers shows the power of protecting, religious reasons or as a fashion accessory etc..

Technically, caps are a type of hats and have the differences like caps usually brimless and has a visor on the front but not all hats have a brim, may be called a toque. However, most people simple reciprocate the words to mean the exact same thing. Both will always hold a special place, whether worn for function or fashion.

There are several styles of hats and caps that has completely different technique and art such as hats like sewn hats, felt,linen, leather hats and panama hats and as for the caps concerns we have leather cap, wool, cotton and even linen caps. However, there sizes are ascertained by measuring the size of a person’s head or these come in standard sized such as small, medium, large and extra large size. Hence these sizes varies, depending upon inches or centimeters from maker to maker and style to style.

It’s important to wear hats or caps through out the year as it has a style and a elegance all its own and a way of making too lustrous and finished your outfit look. Even everyday attire looks amended by wearing a hat or cap.

When a question of style arises the hats or caps are often considered. Therefore, as a women who want to owns hats and caps in her closet and want to live in a society where women wear hats. Woman’s hat is an creation or artistry that has been lost through the years. Another  reason to wear it is to hide a terrible or bad hair, feel comfort while covering you from the sun, provide shade and look more ladylike. It  improves your outfit to look unique as well transform your boring attire into a glamours look and more mysterious as substitute sunglasses. Likewise, all man wants to know what you are concealing under the hat.