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Women’s Kurtas – Buy Online at Best Price in Pakistan

Fashion is the prevailing style or tailored, as in dress, something such as garment, that is in the current mode.  Of course, every season or occasion brings new colours and accessories and everyone want to look cool and smart enough, depending on one’s preference.  Fashion of a region can reflect its culture, weather conditions, way of living and distinctive style which gives it a unique identity among all cultures.

Kurta is a piece of clothing which is worn as attire of female. Kurta usually wore to cover upper part of body, fashion, tradition and culture. It is usually teamed with shalwar, jeans, churidars, pants and leggings. In the modern times, many women wore kurta along with a funky pair of jeans. It is a very casual dress that can be worn on formal as well as informal occasions. Many even wear them at work.  Traditional Kurta is quite popular amongst the women, who prefer wearing them in their informal social gatherings, with the basic idea of maintaining a distinctive style of their own. Following are the styles of kurti which include:

  • Tail cut
  • High low
  • Flared
  • Front Slit
  • Angrakha
  • Anarkali
  • Asymmetrical
  • Double layered etc..

Kurtas are typically decorated with tasselled ties, cloth balls and loops, or buttons. Buttons are rarely wood or plastic. Every kurta has the same basic pattern, but you can personalize it with your choice of neckline, fabric, fit, colors, embroidery, and overall/sleeve lengths. Kurtas are worn both as casual everyday wear and as formal occasions might feature decorative metal buttons. Jewels, enameling, and other traditional jewelers’ techniques can be used to decorate such buttons.

During summer , Kurtas made up of thin silk and cotton are in great demand, while during winters, people usually look for thicker fabrics such as wool, Khadi silk or may be handspun and handwoven silk that may be mixer with other fiber. Mostly wooden or plastic buttons are used in designing. Kurtas are groovy for cozy dressing and are outstanding for both formal and casual occasions. They are undoubtedly stylish and elegant, which is why they never go out of fashion. In contemporary era, a  kurta for women is referred to as the kurti.  A very common fabric for the kurta is linen, or a linen-cotton mix ideal for both summers and winters. Women  love the kurti for its versatility—it is perfect for occasions ranging from everyday wear to parties or picnics.